Thursday, July 31, 2014

one day to go...

There is just one more day to go until my boys are back, our house is filled with the hussle and bussle of daily life and a few fun days with my mother.  Feel like I accomplished most of the things on my to-do list, in fact there were a few things that I added in along the way that were exciting...playing tennis with my hubby for instance.  All of my crafty goodies are tucked away for a couple more weeks after a week of cutting, sewing and just having some artistic me time.  Decided to create a few sewing books which included so much I love about the process of creating.  Used a bit of everything from fabric and felt to vintage lace and buttons.

The inside of the book includes five "pages" created from fabric, each with a different trim stitched on to the end.  Perfect size for my pins and needles.  Loved the first one so I made two more.

There will be more creating in a couple of weeks, but until then time to enjoy time with my boys until then.  Hope your summer is full of some creating, relaxation and trying something new.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

the quiet house...

As the days pass by in this quiet house of mine there are somethings that are not in short supply.  Boxes of crafty things filling my dining room table.  Checked out library books stacked high on my side table ready for me to dig right in and learn.  A kitty who does not like me sitting alone at the computer.  A puppy who needs his cuddle and play time like clock work.  In one week I will have a house filled with the chitter chatter of boys playing, fighting (like brothers do) and being mommy on duty.  Until then, time to tend to those things that fill my house at the moment.  Spending the day creating new, learning new techniques and experimenting with different materials.  Why not. 

Stumbled across this tin in one of my crafty bins the other day along with the apple chipboard piece.  Dressed in up, stamped and stitched it all together to create a gift tin.  Found the top half of a tiny tin, inset into the apple and created a small shaker.  Fun to piece together. 

Enjoy your day.  Will share one of my new stitching projects soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

soaking up the summer days...

Call it a vacation, call it a break, either way I have been kid free for the past couple of weeks as our family gets in lots of fun NW adventures with our boys.  As I spend my days elbow deep in cleaning, quilting and just hanging out with the hubby...I miss them.  A little over a week to go and that means I better get all of my to-do list items checked off.  I did: start on my quilt, work on my brave girls club project (a bunch), clean out all of those toy bins and closets that were overdue (not easy when the kids don't part with much), clear out the garden pots, watch anything and everything I could have ever imagined I would want to watch and spent many hours talking to my hubby without talking over kids.  But...I am ready for the noise in my house again.  Enough mommy break.  So as I get to my daily project one thing that I forgot to get to last week...the drawing!  Congratulations...Margie.  Contact me at so I can send you your goodies. 


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

it's a secret...

It is Wednesday, right?  It is quite amazing how easy it is to lose track of time in the summer.  Back to searching for my bucket list items today and adding this one to my list at #5.  If only this is what mine looked like today, but it will take time and patience.  I have attempted to grow flowers but cannot keep them up like this.  Need to search out Florida flower seeds and hope I have better luck in my containers the next go around.  My morning glory is spreading though and by the time I get a week to myself it will be in need of a hand to guide it in the right direction.  I do wonder though what critters might find a home in my secret garden here.  Not a fan of snacks and spiders, but they need a home too.  Snapped this photo of my strawberry plants this morning that are pretty healthy still so I was thinking this will be my starting point.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

Monday, June 30, 2014


It is the last day of June, rolling right into July with a smile on this face of mine and hope you are smiling too today!  Been working on a dream binder/scrapbook for a class I decided to take through Brave Girls Club, thought why not.  Maybe it is a need to hear some inspirational words, layout all my hopes and dreams in one place or feel a sense of comfort knowing that I am not alone when the skies are a bit grey.  So far it has given me time to myself and think about what people, places, behaviors, outlooks I want to take with me into the future (sounds like I am going on a trip).  One thing is for sure...I enjoy creating with my family and friends nearby to share in our journey.

There is something so amazing about the ability to create anything you can dream up.  After taking a year away from my craft space I spent my days building up a functioning garden, trying new recipes in the kitchen, running outdoors and learning as a family how to make our home more eco-friendly.  Through all of those activities I have learned that I have a need to create, learn and share no matter what the subject.  As long as my hands keep busy.  So that brings me to re-opening my shop.  Creating a few pieces that take the materials I love and putting them into something that I can look back on and say that was all of me.  Not forced or reproduced, but just the way I felt at that moment.  That is the way art should feel and how to keep our hearts happy.

Giving away a set of bobby pins and heart embellishments to one winner.  Just enter a comment here and maybe share something you like to create most.  This giveaway will close on the 6th of July at midnight and a winner will be chosen on the 7th.  Here are a few coupon codes that are active in my shop through the 6th as well.

CELEBRATE - Free Shipping on Orders $60.00 or more through July 6th.
20OFF20 - 20% Off Orders of $20.00 or more through July 6th.

Friday, June 27, 2014

what was said...

There are so many encouraging words that can get you going each day, but there really isn't anything better than a collection of inspiring sayings and words to keep you motivated for days to come.  Stamp them all out, write them all down and repeat!  Playing with a little Precious Remembrance today, and hopefully this weekend to achieve just that.  Can't wait to share more!  Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

one step at a time...

Today is a new day, time to cross an item off the list and get ready for whatever comes my way.  The garden is a little thirsty, the boys are taking some quiet time apart (much needed) and I am looking at the rest of the day and how much is still possible to fit into the next seven hours.  It is hot here, no outside time which means plenty of inside project time.  Worked on my framed "bucket list #1" piece.

Had a frame stored away which I had repainted from Goodwill many years ago.  Found a roll of cork at the craft store, two layers for this project attached to the back of the frame.  Printed out the map in a size appropriate for the frame and added a touch of colorful tape.  Ready for my pins to arrive today and start marking off those states!

This next bucket list item is something extremely special and in need of completion.  My mother made a quilt top for my first birthday and never was able to complete it.  She passed it along to me a while back and I am ready to finish it.  Picked up a few supplies today to get started...cannot mess up this one.

This is a keeper for many years to come and want to make sure that it is done right.  Kind of neat that I grew up watching her sew and I now have found a love of it myself.   May take awhile, but will share once it is complete.  Now time to clean up a bit and then get creative with some new stamps I just got in the mail from Precious Remembrance!

oh so fun stamp set